Bimetal sleeve for the internal weld protection

Brand CPSA. Specification 2420-002-10997738-2021

  • Product range: ⌀ 57 - 530;
  • Maximum temperature of the pumped medium: +140 °C;
  • The minimum length of the straight section for the installation of the sleeve is at least 100 mm, the non-paint zone of the pipe ends is 50 mm

Shelf life: 5 years
Service life: 20 years

The sleeve is installed inside the pipe in the area of the weld. Rubber cuffs center the sleeve relative to the axis of the pipeline. A special thermosetting material fills the intertube space, preventing the penetration of the pumped medium to the unprotected area of the weld. The specially shaped thrust ring provides increased longitudinal stability.
Inert to most corrosive environments
Light weight
Slight narrowing of the flow area
Increased longitudinal stability